The hills of MK (both of them)

Another week of trying to get some speed and inadvertently tackling both hills.  Given I don’t want to run any marathons at slower than 3h30 for the next few I’m aiming to keep runs faster than 8min (equivalent MP) with exceptions for recovery runs or hill work. Trying to tune that in as default pace. 

Monday – Gentle run with dog, 2.8 miles at 8:51 pace. Given the Sunday recovery run from the Saturday HM ended up at 11 miles this was more of a delayed recovery run than training.


Tuesday – 640 session with Redway Runners. The 5 mile version and intention to do well off the back of the HM PB faded quickly. 5 miles at 7:07 pace, so slower than the previous HM.

Also Tuesday – Campbell Park Hills with MKLR – 5 miles at 8:30 average. I had a real ‘can’t be arsed moment’ and sat on a bench to enjoy the evening sun for some of the hill section. Very unlike me but really struggled to see the point of pushing myself up a hill any more.

Campbell Park Hill – comfy bench just outside of shot

Wednesday – Bow Brickhill with RR – Had a great run, felt good so ran on feel, 9.3 miles at 7:31 average. Last 5 miles all at sub7 pace.

Thursday – Bow Brickhill again with MKLR – Should have been a 7-8 mile loop. Pace felt good and managed 11 miles at 7:58 with run backs and rounding up. 

Church Lane – the biggest hill in MK!

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Intended parkrun speed work failed when I stayed in bed. Eventually forced myself out in evening to do 3 fast miles. Struggled with motivation and managed 3.3 at 7:48 average. 

Sunday – Middle distance run with some RR mates. Nice bit about end of the ultra is no need to bash out 20+ mile runs. So focussed on keeping a steady 8min pace and managed a hot and sweaty 12.75 miles at 7:56 pace.

Weekly total mileage 49.25 miles, and with a few exceptions all run faster or close to marathon pace.

Next week plan to do the Chaps Chase 10k and push for a 10k PB. 


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