The Vest!

I got a few running tops made up with the duck logo to promote the book. People demanded their own tops so I got some printed. I now have a spare room full of merchandise.



If you’d like to purchase the coolest running top in town read down.

The consensus of requests was for vests so that’s what I’ve gone for. If these sell out I may do another order of tees.  They’re so good even those with broken feet will be compelled to run once pulling one on –


Available in 5 sizes, in bright, bright yellow (check the first photo for decent colour, the second one didn’t really pick up the colour in the photos) with the (soon to be) world famous Duck logo.

logo_rolyMade by Roly, these vests are fitted so come up a tad smaller than some generic brands, sizes below.  They feature an “Angular seam to enhance adaptation” which in layman’s terms mean more sculpted to the human shape rather than the flat front and back design.

They’re available for £10 each collected from Milton Keynes or bump into me at a race, or £13 posted in the UK.  Payment by paypal, please either contact me on the form at bottom of the page or message me through the Facebook page Run Like Duck to arrange it.

Size        CM                         Inches

S              [47cm/69cm]     [18.5”/27.27”]

M            [49cm/71cm]     [19.29”/27.95”]

L              [51cm/73cm]     [20.08”/28.74”]

XL           [53cm/75cm]     [20.87”/29.53”]

XXL         [55cm/77cm]     [21.65”/30.31”]