Getting lost in the woods….

Another week of trying to get quicker. Work, life and stuff got in the way a little and a weekend away with parents and kids in New Forest looked like limiting scope for miles but managed to get some in.

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – 6:40 session with Redway Runners – disappointing performance and managed 4miles at 6:58 average, well below what I was managing in training for MK Marathon. Despite a days rest legs just felt dead.

Tuesday again – Steady run with MKLR and managed 8 miles in rain at 7:52 average

Wednesday – Bow Brickhill loop – misty and overcast but managed a decent run, 9 miles at 7:34 average, not far off my quickest.

Thursday – Didn’t manage to run at all. Sat at desk and then went out and ate a massive dinner.  With dessert. Garmin tells me my step count wasn’t even a mile of walking. Need to park further from office at work.

Friday – Bow Brickhill loop – lovely clear day, felt good, and despite plans for steady 8min pace we pushed along and got 9 miles at 7:24 average, a massive pace increase. Hooray not slow and fat after all!

Followed up with a cool down run with Bella 2.3 miles at 9:34 pace

Train Fast, race easy VS Train Slow, race fast?  A lot of advice on sites and magazines on what your training paces should be.  The summary would probably be that I train too fast most of the time.  My (unproven) thinking is that I don’t ever want to run a marathon under 8min/mile pace so why should I do short 5-6 mile efforts at anything significantly slower?


Saturday – warmup mile with Bella and then Moors Valley Parkrun with Bella, 3.1 miles at 7:26 pace and probably 2nd or 3rd dog. The RD requested the dogs start near the rear which for us was a mistake as she mostly spent the run trying to weave between the runners.

Followed up in afternoon by a lap of New Forest woods, 2.5 miles at 8:34 pace.

Yep that looks like some tasty water post parkrun.  She’d refused the nice bowl of clean tap water.

Sunday – early morning random loops of New Forest with Bella. 7.3 miles at 10:04 pace. Was great to run slowly and enjoy the scenery. Perfect running trails and great mornings work.  Bella managed to find every muddy patch to drag me through.

Hard to sleep in when trails like this are a 1 minute walk from the holiday home.

Weekly total – 46.5 miles. Happy with that after a sporadic start.

Next week may be tricky as have lots of work travelling, kids birthday parties and family party so running will be firmly in the back seat. I may not make the 200 mile target for July and break by 18 month streak.  Partly a relief, partly disappointing.

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