Marston 5k Article June 2014 PicI run to avoid being fat again and to keep healthy for my kids.  I’d like them to grow up thinking people who don’t regularly exercise are the odd ones, not the other way around.

This blog and some other writing has lead to a book deal, and the combined wit and knowledge of thousands of miles are combined into “Run Like Duck”, available to pre-order from Amazon here.

Over several years I’ve gradually improved from a heaving, sweating mess stamping along between lamp posts, to a very regular runner and typically run a marathon a month as well as shorter races.

Parkrun has been a big influence in my running and I’m a run director for the Milton Keynes junior parkrun, a free weekly timed 2k run for kids from 4-14 years of age.

Most of my training has been with a local club MK Lakeside Runners.

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