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Run Like Duck

Winner – Running Awards Book Award 2019

Nominee – William Hill Sports Book of the Year

Signed copies available for £10 posted in UK if you email me on!  

Book available in most Waterstones stores, or order on Amazon here or on Waterstones here or Blackwell’s or Hive or direct from the lovely Sandstone Press


Ducking Long Way

Released August 2021 and sold out on Amazon on release day!

Signed copies available for £10 posted in UK if you email me on!

Book available in most Waterstones stores, or order on Amazon here or on Waterstones here or Blackwell’s or direct from the lovely Sandstone Press

Praise for Run Like Duck

Run Like Duck was an Amazon best seller and won the Running Awards Book Award in 2019 where I was presented a hefty trophy by the legendary and very nice chap Mike Bushell:

It’s even going down a storm in Sydney and Florida:

Reviews for Run Like Duck –



The book is part advice for new or improving runners, part humorous recounting of my own journey from fat sweaty unfit person to even more sweaty but a bit leaner.  The official blurb is “A guide to running for the unathletic, told by a man who fell into the sport almost by accident. Progressing cautiously on a reluctant and unexpected journey to 100 Marathons (and beyond), he learned the hard way from years of getting it wrong. Unlikely to break any records or become a national figure for the standards he sets, he nonetheless has enhanced his life and fitness, taking his long-suffering family along with him. In this witty account, he writes about his unsteady progress while knocking the stuffing out of running pomposity.”

It features reviews from some of the greatest names in the running world –

Witty, funny and informative. Great for someone starting out in running! —Dr Margot Wells

A hilarious tale of one man’s obsession, packed with advice for runners from beginners to aspiring marathon competitors. Sean Conway

This book will inspire you to stop reading and run more. Better than the Bible – if you’re looking for a running book! —David Hellard, Bad Boy Running Podcast

Thanks to Mark’s brilliant self-deprecating humour, Run like Duck will have you laughing up out the couch, into your trainers, and running a hundred miles with a smile on your face before you know it. —Moire O’Sullivan, author of Bump, Bike & Baby

God-like, majestic, awe-inspiring are all words. Buy this book. —Jody Raynsford, Bad Boy Running Podcast

I haven’t read this book but how bad can it really be? —Robbie Britton, Team GB

Praise for Ducking Long Way

‘Mark clearly understands all the pain and turmoil of an ultra, and also why we keep coming back for more.’ – Vassos Alexander

‘A refreshingly unpretentious, inspiring, funny book. It’s like going for a very very long run with your best mate. Heartily recommended to all who are tempted by an ultra, it may well tip you over into actually doing one. The main message seems to be – bring beer.’ – Paul Tonkinson

‘Silly, funny and ridiculous – the best sort of inspirational.’ – Huw Jack Brassington

‘A funny and level-headed insight into the crazy world of ultra marathon running.’ – Simon Hollis, Race Director and Ultra Marathon Runner

‘Proper advice from a down-to-earth guy who tells it like it is. Runners like Mark are the lifeblood of the sport we all love. ’ – James Elson, Centurion Running Race Director & Coach

‘A compelling attempt, no doubt funded by the chafing cream industry, to promote the view that ultra running is accessible, enjoyable and achievable for all levels of runners.’ – Running is BS Podcast

‘I loved this as much as Run Like Duck. ’ – Jody Raynsford , Bad Boy Running Podcast

Reviews for Ducking Long Way –