How to fix and clean a PonyCycle

OK completely not-running related, but hoping may be useful for parents out there.

The PonyCycle is a weird hybrid of rocking horse and bike, allowing kids to ride a horse (or Unicorn, zebra etc).

My daughter loved hers for years, but eventually grew out of the Unicorn so looked to sell on (trying to sell her toys on to give her income and to help her realize opportunity cost of items).

Her unicorn horse was looking a little grubby so thought I’d clean it.

The steering had also broken – this was just the two bolts holding the neck/steering section on having worked loose.

Problem – despite being covered in zips there was no advice online about how to do this.

So here goes.

The complete unit, not suspecting it was about to be skinned.

First step is easy, didn’t take photos sorry – but unzip back of the neck along the mane and there’s two bolts to loosen the neck from the body.

The head metal section with the two wooden handles will now come out (push a wooden handle through one side at a time).

You need to untie the legs. These have a wide string/small rope around each wheel housing.

If you lift the saddle there is another zip which will loosen the ‘skin’ and allow you to pull it down to reach the attachment point for the stirrups/pedals.

This is attached with two split pins. You should be able to bend the two loose ends back and pull the pin out from the rounded end.

The stirrup will then come off and the rest of the skin can be peeled off. It is easier if you remove the wheel for this, but can be done without.

The seat also had a zip, unzip this and unpeel as well. The saddle slides off if needed, which allow you to remove the polystyrene body and access the rest of the frame if needed.

The bare frame – handle bar mount/neck on left

You can then chuck the whole ‘skin’ in the washing machine.

The skin showing the zips

Reassembly is reverse. It is really tricky to get it to slid on the legs if you don’t undo the wheels.

Once you’ve pulled the skin back up enough, reattach the stirrups/pedals. You need to push the pins back through and splay the ends, then bend back as before.

Insert the handle/steering bar into the the head, ensure the bolts are to the front so they tightern on the flat edge of the neck to allow steering.

Reattach the saddle and seat/saddle section. 

The fur will likely be very matted so you’ll need to brush it.

Keep at it and you’ve got a perfect horse ready for the next owner.

10 thoughts on “How to fix and clean a PonyCycle

  1. Any Idea where I can buy a new handle bar mount/neck. had a few pins broke and a couple of welds have failed. Fixing the welds and pins isn’t a problem but the neck mount has snapped.


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