Meat Dodging Week 6

6th week of being a vegetarian. Still a little wiped out from last weeks bug. Combination of hectic work and home life means usual lack of planning on food.

Monday – 4am start for Somerset, no way was I making breakfast before. Egg McMuffin breakfast with hash brown. Cheese roll, nuts and apple for lunch (did manage to pack a lunch for once). Manage a 10k with dog in evening but lacking in energy after a 16 hour day. For late dinner we try vegetable curry with cauliflower rice, made in the slow cooker. Cauliflower rice is one of the most pointless things created. Would rather eat packaging foam. The curry is OK but missing something, not necessarily meat as I like veg curry, but just not quite there. 

Tuesday – Early start train to London. Missed connections mean a hasty stop for food, vegetable samosa from an authentic local shop and some fruit. Too busy for lunch so grab a vegan sausage roll on way back. Go to the club paced session. Start with the 7:30min/mile paced session and feel good so gradually push and manage four progressive miles, a big improvement on last week when I got slower every mile. Dinner is freezer surprise so cheese melt with bread. Another example of being too busy to plan properly.

Wednesday – Wake up in time for the 5am run. Feel knackered from a poor sleep and go back to bed. I’ve done this run for about 4 years and rarely miss it. Lazy bastard. Full day of meetings planned so sit on my arse, and achieve a massive 2000 steps all day showing just how inactive my work can be. Toast, apple, banana breakfast. Lunch of humus, nuts, raisins and cheese sandwich.  Manage to squeeze in a 5k with dog in the dark and fog after the boys footie practice. Pace is pathetic after such an inactive day. Something for dinner I can’t even remember.

Thursday – Morning 10k with dog as not going to make club run. Neither she nor I have much interest in pace so it’s gentle and scenic. Way too much cool stuff to sniff and investigate. Working from home so mostly teleconferences and spreadsheets. Cereal breakfast, a late lunch of omelette. Usual busy Thursday evening dropping daughter to Guides, then wife to Christmas party, then back for Guides. Skip dinner, miss club run on taxi duty, early night in bed.

Friday – Fail to run all day. Granola breakfast, cheese sandwich with apple for lunch. A manic day with work and then a low life smashing the wife’s car window whilst parked up at her work makes it busier with repair and dropping to garage hassle so it’s straight out to the local micro-brewery organising a social run. Gentle 5 miler before a few beers. Gary and I get pizzas from across the road to soak up the beer. I go for the vegetable Vesuvius, laden with vegetables and enough chilli to make me cry. It’s even got pineapple on. Normally I’d suggest pineapple on pizza only a few notches below bestiality in terms of wrongness but it’s not bad.

Saturday –  Home baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast. No footie for boy today so a rare full family breakfast and this was their choice. Nip out to parkrun with dog. A relatively slow paced run and my 165th parkrun. My 100th was 4 years to the day so it’s going to be a while before I get to 250. Lunch of meat free sausage butty with fried egg (bacon for kids). Dinner of potato pakora, pesto pasta with not enough vegetables.

Sunday – Sloth kicks in again and I missed the morning run. Cereal breakfast, then off to watch the boy in his first rugby match. Great performance and making the most of his size! Lunch of falafel and lettuce roll. An afternoon of DIY at the in-laws then macaroni cheese and salad for dinner. Yeah pasta for dinner two nights running, and no running today. Total weekend mileage of 4. Made all the worse as seemingly every runner I know is running the MK Winter Half this day, often with PBs, or chalking up some marathons. I’ve managed to fit some decorative moulding around a kitchen. On the positive side I’m taking a rare rest and recovery period from running.


Next week looks to be equally busy with travel and an Xmas party so expect majority of calories will be beer based and miles will be few. On the plus side I have my first meeting with Clean Coach Katie for start of my marathon training plan for London.

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