Meat Dodging Week 3

Monday –

Early morning 5k with dog then a long drive to Bridgewater. Awful traffic so no time for breakie and make do with banana and apple in car. Late lunch on way home of Greggs Vegan sausage roll to try it out again (had one about a year ago when first introduced). Tastes pretty good with coffee and juice. Dinner I knock up pulled BBQ chicken for kids and try some of the Vivera Plant Shawarma Kebab ‘meat’. Once cooked up with some tomatoes and peppers and served with garlic mayo it tastes the same as donna kebab. This is good or bad depending on whether you like donna kebab.

Tuesday –

Early morning 5k with dog then full day training course at work after toast breakfast. Didn’t pack a lunch as it’s catered according to our dietary requirements. Which I filled in four weeks ago when I ate meat. So I became one of those veggies that assures everyone it’s fine, and that they don’t feel left out as they tuck into their emergency noodles kept in the car for days stuck on site. Training drags a little and after two bananas I give in to the biscuits. Lots and lot of biscuits.

Back home and I decide to risk a speed session for first time since knee played up in September. 6m40s pace session is a little too fruity so stick to 7m30 pace and feel good, averaging around 7min pace for 4 mile loop. Follow this with a second run as other club are doing an Oregon session. Sadly this doesn’t involve EPO, steroids or other drugs, just intervals of running between squats, lunges, spotty dogs (no idea either) and planks. It’s all designed to improve core and hopeful they’ll aid my knee strength as well.

For dinner the wife rustles up mozzarella and tomato pizza, followed by yoghurt and nuts.

Check the scales before bed and at 82kg it’s the lightest I’ve been in months, probably since summer.

 Wednesday –

9 mile 5am run. I’ve run most weeks for last 4 years and recently have had a prolonged bad spell. Today I feel better and manage quickest average pace since Lakeland 100 in July and for once not hanging off the back of the pack the entire way. Granola breakfast once back with fruit yoghurt.

Catered lunch again, this time with veggie stuff so cheese and tomato, egg and cress sandwiches and a bowl of salad. All stuff I wouldn’t previously bother with.

Dinner was veggie sausages in bagel with cheese and a change to compare real and fake sausages. Similar protein, lower calories, taste about the same. Daughter prefers the veggie option.

Thursday –

img_42005k soggy doggy jog. Scrambled egg on toast for breakfast then a long train ride to Liverpool and back. Waiting for a late train I shelter from cold in Wetherspoons and have (yet another) veggie burger. Not too bad. Big lunch so dinner is cheese and crackers. Planned evening run missed as packing for weekend away.

Friday –

6 mile dog run in woods. Skipped breakfast as didn’t have time between conference calls and getting ready for flight.

img_4207At the airport on way to Marrakesh for the wife’s birthday we checked a few restaurants but was a little underwhelmed by veggie options. Eventually popped into a restaurant for mac’n’cheese with tomato and pesto – scrumptious!

Grabbed a cheese roll on plane and then into the waiting taxi to the riad.

We’d looked at a lot of hotels for this trip and eventually settled on an authentic riad, a small hotel set around a courtyard with pool in the middle. Stepping inside instantly deadened the hustle and bustle of the city.

The staff served up chicken tagine for wife and vegetable cous cous for me, with a lot of side dishes and a lemon tart for dessert.

Not sure what had the veg I ate were, but willingly ate the carrot for first time ever. I tried something I hoped was spud, thought might be parsnips (also like) but sadly was Satan’s boiled testicle. Some vegetables can do one.

Saturday –

Awoke after along sleep to find breakfast waiting on the balcony. Set yogurts, fruit, OJ and a sort of potato pancake. Then plain omelette to follow.


We walked out and through the local food market where live chickens awaited their fate in cages and the fish was so fresh it was almost odourless. Also some turtles and tortoises that I presume were more for pets than food. Not sure either is great news. The market was certainly an eye opener.

After a haman (spa) experience where we were beaten and rubbed to within an inch of our lives we popped to a restaurant recommended by a friend for the best pizza outside of Italy. It was pretty good and I had pepper and onion topping whilst looking out over the famous mosque.


After some shopping we popped back to the riad and were surprised by the chef bringing us some vegetable spring rolls (or Moroccan equivalent) to accompany the beer, along with some mixed nuts and dried fruit.

We went with the hotel recommendation of a local French restaurant for dinner. The steak was to die for (says the wife). Of the few veggie options I went for aubergine starter (first go at this, not too bad) and Gorgonzola pasta which was disappointingly devoid of any side salad or veg with it. Having written the meal off nutritionally we shared a melting chocolate fondant dessert.

No running but about 7 miles of walking.

3rd week of veggie done.

Not really missing the meat but finding veggie options a little tricky especially in a foreign country.


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