Meat Dodging Week 2

Well the first week blog got a lot of reaction so lets keep it going!

Monday – Apple, banana and satsuma for breakie with a bagel. Lunch was a slight improvement on the much derided Pot Noodle with a pasta, feta and tomato salad from M&S. Crisps for snack. Avoided heading to the food van.

The kids had been tended to by the Mother In Law with a beef enchilada dinner so I made do with a salad wrap. And by salad I mean potatoes. And by potatoes I mean chips. Yep basically a chip buttie. Downside of becoming veggie is forgetting to tell people.

No running as resting from the double marathon weekend.

Tuesday – Morning 6 mile run with dog. Random leftover kids cereal that they’ve decided not to eat anymore. Coffee is black as we run out of milk.

A planned omelette lunch was swapped to scrambled egg on toast when I remembered the lack of milk.

img_4142Dinner I knocked up teriyaki tofu, veggie & noodles. First go at tofu. Looks like slightly set Polyfilla in the packet and even hardened veggies admit it tastes of nothing unless seasoned. With the teriyaki it was really good. Made up the same again with chicken for rest of family. Probably went a bit light on the veggies as underestimated quite how much they reduce in volume and have a fussy son (wonder where he gets that from?).

Wednesday – 9 mile pre-work run. Been doing the same route for maybe 4 years every week so had good and bad runs. Haven’t had a good run in months due to ultra legs. This week it was still a little slow on the hills but improved towards the end. Think lacklustre performance more due to the marathons than the veggie food.

img_4144Breakfast of apple and banana, with a chocolate pastry as I fancied it. Needed to get to site early so called into Sainsburys to find the deliveries were late and store was bereft of food. Cobbled together bagel and peanut butter for lunch.

Dinner was roast spuds, BBQ sauce tofu and oven roasted asparagus and tomato. I struggled on the asparagus. It’s not nice. As a kid I called it elephant snot and ran around the house with it hanging out my nose asking if anyone had a tissue. Comedy genius in the making. My mum found me infuriating/hilarious.

Whilst cooking that I made a second batch of the teriyaki tofu, veggie & noodles from the spare ingredients and stuck in freezer for another night. This batch was 2/3 veg to 1/3 noodles as I got braver on the veg.

Thursday – no morning run, had porridge breakfast at office. Ran out of honey to sweeten. Used peanut butter. Not recommended but sort of livened it up. Apple for snack. Then bagel and peanut butter lunch (again) as nothing worth eating on sandwich van. Need to plan better.

Dinner fell apart. Too busy to sort anything, wife ate at work so an early night with a bag of chips after 10 mile club run. Classy. Another example of needing to plan better.

Friday – 10k dog jog in the woods. Banana for breakfast, forgot to eat lunch after dentist appointment. Dinner was a homemade cottage pie with tofu, broccoli, mushroom, carrot, onion, garlic and spud mash. Bagel and banana dessert.

Saturday – a cookie from the charity bake sale at parkrun after a 10k run. Lunch of cheese sandwich and banana with some onion cheesy version of a sausage roll.


Then off to a wedding. Managed to resist the goat curry. Remained strong and stuck to veggie stuff, pasta, coleslaw, dumplings, salad. Think I’m starting to like coleslaw and not just eat it out of penance like before. Maybe I’m growing up? Then hit the cheese board hard. Bordering on cheese sweats.

Sunday – late start after a late night so grabbed a doughnut on way to rugby with boy and stood next to the BBQ where they cooked bacon for a solid 2 hours. Avoided the temptation. Two weeks ago I’d have punched a nun for a bacon buttie.

Lunch was stolen wedding cheese with crackers, a homemade smoothie with discount fruit from the supermarket. Then a 5 mile dog run to get the car. Felt slow and lethargic again.

Dinner we went out with family to Harvester and I tried the new Quorn BBQ stack. First go at Quorn. This was pretend chicken breast and pretty good. Massive bowl of salad with it, and halloumi fries.


Supportive wife went to supermarket earlier in the day so have some healthy veg stuff for next week.

Weight as usual up and down over the week, but briefly hit 83kg, lowest for months.

Only impending issue is we’re off the Morocco next weekend. Unsure how well being veggie in a land of lamb tagine will be?


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