Running Podcast Recommendations

It’s international podcast day (apparently). If you’re after some running related input for your ears then in no particular order here’s some of my favourites.

Bad Boy Running – It started with two posh blokes talking rubbish about running, with audio quality that makes two tin cans and a piece of string seem the height of science. After several years it’s not changed much to be honest. Possibly upgraded the tin cans. They get some awesome guests and don’t take themselves seriously. Eventually you’ll be indoctrinated to the cult and start to laugh with them rather than at them. Then you’ll meet random listeners on ultras and drink beer whilst generally getting in the way of Mr Salomon.

Marathon Talk – Been going even longer than Brexit. Mostly Tom Williams and Martin Yelling talking all things running, now with some added co-hosts. From a lifetime of experience of high level running, triathlons, coaching and parkrun they can cover all topics in a good depth. More serious than others but still easily approachable. Refused a book quote for Run Like Duck as too negative in places so in return I’d say they’re too relentlessly positive at times. 😉

img_3953Ten Junk Miles – Very American. You can feel a burgeoning desire to eat chilli dogs and buy assault rifles just listening to it. Hosted by Scott Kummer. The gang shows are a bunch of runners sat around drinking beer and talking about races and all the stuff that happens on trails that is often ignored. If you’ve ever wanted a list of things to wipe your arse on during a wild poo then this is the place to go. The long run version of the show has a single one on one interview.

Running Commentary – Rob Deering and Paul Tonkinson run around London talking and interviewing people. Can take a couple of listens to get used to someone panting in your ear without freaking yourself out. Being comedians it’s kept light and funny. Paul also has a comedy running book coming out soon so he’s obviously envious of my fame and sales figures.


British Ultra Running Podcast – James Elson and Dan Lawson talk ultras, not just in UK. They’re both annoyingly fast but don’t let that put you off. Dan also heads Rerun Clothing, aiming to tackle waste in the running industry so he’s a top fella. I even let him beat me at the Wendover Woods 50k.


Running Is Bullshit (BS) – Stewart and Amy live in Wales but don’t let that put you off. Each episode focuses on something that is BS in the world of running, from falling over to getting lost. Short and sweet. Like me they have a bulk order of ‘buff’s from China they try to sell at regular intervals.

img_5313The Running Hub Podcast by Clean Coach Katie. Obviously the finest one on the list as she interviewed me on Episode 5! One on one interviews with runners of all levels talking about how they ended up where they are!


Run Things – Running related but also a big leaning towards mental health as well, hosted by Clare and Kev. Mostly Kev as Clare seldom gets to speak in between Kev mentioning his running achievements.


The Runstrong Podcast – Seen the funny videos by Gary House / Runstrong on Facebook where a cheeky chappie rips the piss out of everyone and how ludicrously stupid we as runners typically are? This is the podcast version. Enjoy listening to how an accomplished runners leaves his cheat sticks behind whilst embarking on the challenging Dragon’s Back race across Scotland.

Ones I’ve tried but struggled with –

Free Weekly Timed – A podcast about parkrun. Sure it will appeal to some but it just didn’t quite hit the mark for me. Worth a go if you find the ones above a bit too stupid and sweary.


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