The Great British Beerathon 2019

img_3416This is it. The big one. I put a lot of miles into training for Lakeland 100 but even more preparation into this A-race. I started practising the fuelling side of the race in my late teens so this was the culmination of decades worth of hard graft.

Peaking for a single race is hard, even trickier for a multi-discipline event such as this. It’s a race that is (not) regarded by Ironman competitors as the ultimate triathlon, seamlessly transitioning between three physical endurance events and then back again, a total of 5 times. I nervously headed into London for The Great British Beerathon 2019, dressed as a duck and with a crate of beer for the train.


If you’ve not heard of the event before it’s simple.  Turn up at the start (Hoop and Grapes in Farringdon, London). Run a mile loop back to pub. Drink a pint and eat a snack. Then repeat 5 times and try and hold your stomach contents inside your body.


For 2019 we had lager and sausage roll, cider and porkpie, ale and calzone pizza, finishing with Guinness and chocolate brownie.

It’s traditional to do it fancy dress so of course I was in duck costume. We had a good contingent from Redway Runners including Mick and Jen, on their wedding anniversary dressed as Bride and Groom.

After some train beers we popped to a nearby pub for a pint to beat the queue in Hoop and Grapes then back to the start. Due to some logistic issues there was a delay to start so we popped back to the other pub again for a further pint, then lined up at the start already well hydrated.


Then ran and drank lots. Duck costumes are not easy to run in and I was reduced to an appropriate waddle, racing around London and surprising locals and bus driver. It’s easily the most fun event I’ve ever undertaken. Everyone is drunk, everyone in good spirits. After the prolonged misery of some ultras this was exactly what I needed and I’ll be back next year.


Only disappointment was my amazing interview by The Running Channel was cut from their coverage. Possibly due to being incoherently drunk, possibly due to multiple book plugs. Who can tell!

Running Channel Video HERE

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