2018 – Running Recap

2018 is done. I ran a bit and did some races. Some interesting things happened in the world of running. Some were disappointing.


It was cold and dark. People ran a lot and posted photos of blackness to prove how early they’d left the house. #darkoutside


It was still cold. It became obligatory to photograph your own legs in running shorts to prove how double hard you were. #doublehard


It snowed a lot. Many races were cancelled. Some did a great job of it. Some displayed their usual cack handedness.

I got a 3h13 marathon and achieve Good For Age for London. Briefly. Buggers.


yukoBoston Marathon was wetter than an otters pocket. Many runners cried. Yuki Kawauchi didn’t and just smashed out his gazillionth fast marathon and an outright win proving form is temporary but class is permanent.

London Marathon revised their good for age times giving runners a whole week to ramp up their training ahead of the 2018 race. Ultimately this was pointless as the mercury crept up a bit and everyone complained it was so hot their hair ignited and trainers melted to the tarmac. Some of pacers who’d been over optimistic about their performance were found out as they shuffled in 30+ minutes adrift due to the shock discovery that spring is warmer than winter.


img_9819We had proper heat in the UK.

The two bank holidays were the hottest on UK record.

The first I ran Thames Path 100, then MK Marathon. The second I did a little jaunt along the canal for the GUCR145 and have zero sympathy for those upset that London was a bit warm. Sorry not sorry.


It was still hot. We had a weird thing called ‘summer’ in the UK. Social media was awash with influencers giving advice on how to run when a little warm. It was surprising how many different ways “wear a hat, drink a bit, slow down a bit” could be re-hashed.

Also much debate on whether it was acceptable for ladies to run in just their sports bras or blokes to run topless. The answer to both being ‘yes if you want, it’s your body, nobody really gives a toss’.


I cheated and did a bike ‘race’, the Prudential Ride 100.

It confirmed my suspicions that cycling is not as hard as the lycra-clad MAMILs would like you to believe.


Adding to my collection of stupid Spanish I entered a vertical race in Lanzarote. Running up a mountain. In the dark. It was hard.



Seemingly nothing interesting happened. I blame Brexit.


Everyone got the annual London Marathon reject email and took to social media to denounce the whole thing as fixed.
An ‘influencer’, sponsored by a running brand walked around Chicago marathon in over 8 hours, several hours over the cut off. Many were inspired. Apparently. Some followers suggested they run Comrades next. Some others suggested they should take less selfies and train a bit. The second group were wildly denounced as bullies.


ASICS UK managed to set the ‘This Girl Can’ movement back a decade with a glorious own goal of zero body fat models exercising on train tracks. It was quickly pulled after ridicule and unwanted attention from Network Rail and British Transport Police.

Also in November everyone got the annual Berlin Marathon reject email and took to social media to denounce the whole thing as fixed. There is a pattern here.

img_1030Most importantly however a book was published in November that has been likened (by me) to ‘Moby Dick’ and ‘1984’ in it’s importance to the world – Run Like Duck. More recently it was declared by a local runner as “The best book I’ve read in a decade” by Chris who hasn’t read any books since school except ‘Peppa Pig goes to the bacon factory’ for kids bedtime.


I finally ran sub90 for a half marathon. No other news is relevant.

Bye bye 2018, hello 2019

What I’d like to see –

  • Running brands sponsoring up and coming runners on the cusp of greatness, not selfie obsessed ambassadors. Just chuck them some trainers and get some free race entries sorted at least.
  • Failing that at least sponsoring people that enter races, train, and run them to the best of their abilities.
  • An end to excessive hashtags on EVERY SODDING MEDIA POST. #sponsored #voteforme #freeshit #willendorseanyoldcrap #magicsocksmakeyourunfaster #foamrollersfixeverything

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