The Book Launch! Run Like Duck

As an updated on all that has happened book wise –

Cheesy photo!

The book was officially released 15th November with the signing party the following week (due to 15th being my lovely wife’s Birthday and not wanting her to spend it surrounded by runners talking about running. I also fancied avoiding a kick in the unmentionables for subjecting her to it).



The release went well. Really well. The publishers, Sandstone Press rang me for a catch up and to advise that on only the first day they had already pressed the button on a second print run such was the demand. I think I failed to convey my full excitement at this, such was the shock and only managed a far from eloquent “Oh that’s nice”.

After a weekend in Vienna (no copies of the book in Austria, must work on the translation) it was back to UK and the official signing party. Originally planned for a book shop, as is traditional, there were a few logistical issues to be sorted and eventually the very helpful Dionne at Up & Running Milton Keynes gladly agreed to host it and did a great job.

The plan was a for a two hour session, with Cloë chairing it, a bit of Q&A and a reading. In the end it fell by the wayside as we had an unending stream of buyers for the full two hours. It was great to see so many old and new faces and talk (endlessly) about running with fellow enthusiasts. Many had amazing stories to share of shedding half their body weight, overcoming depression or bereavement and was a great example of just how good exercise can be to physical and mental health, and in particular the easy access of running with no kit requirements, pitch bookings or team selection.

Thanks to all who came out, it was truly a great evening.

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