Oktoberfest Milton Keynes 

A non-running post for once.  Hoping this pops up on searches to save people from disappointment.

It was the first event in MK so booked up with some mates to go.  Rather than cheap seats we went for the mid-price seated tickets.  £16.52 plus booking fee.  And for that you get…… access to an area a bit nearer to the stage and assuming not too busy the chance to sit on a bench.  

Apparently the entry fee covers the entertainment.  If so it’s overpriced.  No act for the first hour and then when they did turn up it was generic covers of chart hits with some umpah umpah songs.  The acts were pretty poor, forgot the words and if they were busking would probably starve.  Once drunk enough they were fun to shout along with, but so would be the death rattles of a broken dishwasher.

Also on the day they released some rules never before mentioned, including the ‘can’t come in 2hrs after your slot’ one which fecked one of our mates up.

Food stands available, £6 for a German hot dog etc.  No currywurst which is a poor show from a German festival.  

Of course the main point of a beer festival is the beer.  Germany is famous for beers so you’re in for a treat!  

After paying £5 for your plastic stein ‘glass’ or choosing to stick to disposable plastic you get a wide choice of two beers.  The range is really pants.  You’ve probably got a better selection in your fridge at home.  They’re sold in two pints so price is acceptable.

All in we had a good time, as getting drunk with mates and laughing at how badly you’ve been had is always fun but you come away with the feeling you’ve paid a lot of money to enter a tent and drink the German equivalent of Fosters as part of a cynical marketing cash in.

Next year we’ll put the £16 towards more beer and go to a pub with a choice of as many as three, maybe even four beers!

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