Marathon 98 week

This week has been about tapering in hope of a decent marathon time on Sunday.  Runs vary recently from “wow I’m doing great that 100 miler is out of my system” to “oh dear the pace is gone already and legs feel stuffed”.

Monday – Rest day after 13 miles day before.

Tuesday – RR 640 session. Managed 6:44 average for 4 miles. Getting back some of the MK Marathon speed but still a little off where I’d like to be.

Also Tuesday – Time mile with Lakeside Runners. After a warmup my first go at timed mile in over a year. Managed 5:57. Happy for first time under 6 but given I did first mile of my last HM at 6:05 shows I suck horribly at pacing.

Wednesday – Bow Brickhills – Last few attempts have been pushing the pace and getting quicker each time. This week it was all about holding back to a steady effort. Managed 9 miles at 7:37 average including the hill. Not a lot slower than the previous week but even 10secs a mile seems so much easier to hold.

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Rest Day – A check of my miles showed the weekend marathon would take me over the 200 mile target for the month so decided to hold back. Also meant I’d hit the marathon having only running 18 miles for the week, lower than I have in years. Figure if I want to get quicker I should probably start easing back in the week ahead.

Saturday – Iron Run – Personally not keen on the Obstacle Course Race (OCR) fad as they’re hideously expensive, take ages, and the only people that feel the need to break a run up every few hundred yards to play on the slides should be kids – not fully grown adults. The boy had decided he wanted to do a mud run OCR so booked this as a birthday treat. Rules say adults need to go around with them, so it was time to dig our worst running/footie gear and get to it.

It was a great event, busy at time queuing for the obstacles but no real issue.  All in the 2.5m took over an hour to complete which is pretty good value for money.  Boy already wants to go another time!

Sunday – Enigma Planes Marathon, Number 98

Enigma hold regular themed marathons in Milton Keynes. This year they are staging a series of three from July to September themed around Planes, Trains and Automobiles with great interlocking medals. More by luck than judgement these lined up being my final three marathons on journey to the 100.

Early start at 8:30 meant I planned to be done by midday to get on with family stuff.

Skipped usual McDonalds breakie and went for cold leftover pizza like a proper athlete! Went off with plan of 7:20/7:26 pace. Struggled towards the end and averaged 7:36, holding onto third place and 3:22:01, my second fastest marathon so getting some speed back.

Not the finest steady pacing….

Downside is nipple k-tape failed and I bleed horribly!


Total Weekly Mileage – 47.5 and made 200+ for July.

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