Two weeks after SDW100 – still getting moaned at!

Aiming to keep these posts up as much for reference during my final 3 marathons as I work towards my 100 as for anything else.  This way if I get a surprise PB I can check what I’ve done!

A week since finishing the SDW100 and trying to get training sort of back on track, although coaches advise I should take longer to recover.

Running not been helped by the hottest June week on record….

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – Didn’t think I was going to be able to do evening runs so did an early 10k at 7:30 pace, felt good.

Tuesday again – Managed to sort kiddy care so did the 6:40 session with Redway.  Combination of miles, heat and recovery means I managed 4 miles at 7:01 pace.

Tuesday again again – the good wife got home so I did the Lakeside session, an easy 7.3 miles at relaxed 8:30 pace.  Finished day on 17+ miles…..

Wednesday – Bow Brickhill session, took it easy and managed 9 miles at 8:02 pace.

Thursday – Again took the Lakeside session easy, 9.3miles @8:45 pace.

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Managed to sneak in 8 miles with Lakeside before footie tournaments with the boy.  7:57 pace.

Sunday – Felt restless so a gentle 2.5 miles with the dog at 9:11 pace.

Weekly mileage – 46.6 miles, and nearly on 200 miles for June to keep streak going.

Next week goal is to get a decent 10k at the OU 10k on Tuesday, and a flat out HM at the Enigma Need for Speed on Saturday afternoon to judge performance ahead of training for a 3:10-3:15 marathon in September or October.


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