SDW100 – Recovery Week

Not having run 100 miles before (I mean why would you, it’s stupid!) I’ve not had experience of what to do after such a long run so bumbled this week along going on what felt right and holding back for fear of a tongue lashing from coaches. Although physically tired I didn’t have any specific issues. The faint murmurings of a blister on my right heel never amounted to anything over 22hrs of ‘running’.
Monday – Wisely worked from home. I could walk OK. I could sit down OK. Getting between the two states was slow and problematic and my Dad joked I could do with a walking stick. Cheers. In particular lowering myself down or from the loo was a challenge and when the kids asked what I wanted for Father’s Day I requested those handles seen in disabled toilets. I wasn’t hungry for much of the day and realised at 4pm I’d yet to have lunch. By the evening I was feeling a lot better and decided to stick to what has been proven after 96 marathons and ultras so went for a recovery ‘run’ with the dog. It was slow to start but after half mile or so loosened up. My right foot felt great, my left felt different. The reason was in my haste to get out I was running in two completely different shoes. Amateur. Managed 2.6 miles in the end, ranging from 10 to sub 9min/mile. Felt so much better after the run it was amazing. All the niggles seemed a bit more ironed out.

Tuesday – Hobbled around one of the development sites at work. Legs felt fine but shoulder and neck were stiff, I think from over-compensating for legs. Think I’d basically been getting out of bed by throwing my head up and out and the rest of the body followed. Club run was bleep test (running 20 metres within a gradually decreasing time). I helped supervise and other than run a couple of shuttles at the end (maybe a whole 60 metres) avoided running.

Wednesday – As tempting as it was to stay in bed I dragged myself out for the 9 mile Bow Brickhill run. Weather was too perfect not to. Kept effort very low and ran a surprising 8:14 average. I’ve gone slower when recovering from a marathon.

Thursday – Rest day so that tomorrow…..

Friday – a 5k hard effort race is probably not on the usual recovery plan but a combination of poor diary planning and not wanting to miss one of my favourite races means I toed the line at the Marston Forest 5k. It’s a great low key event organised by a local club. It’s a flat course so good PB potential. Personally I always find a combination of a hot summers day (and this one was no cooler) and emotion from running the kids race never gets me the time I expect. This year with no kids wanting to run it was just me. I set off about on pace and spent most of the race passing people but struggled by halfway on pace. 2.5k went bang on 10 minutes but in the end I finished 20:41 (6:36 average). 21 seconds slower than last year but hotter and with only 5 days since finishing 100 miler a lot better than I expected. My plan to try and finish before my legs realised what was happening seemed to work.

Saturday – A morning of spectating at football tournament, ferrying kids around and then a lovely evening BBQ for important rehydration. Although I barely had time for a run, the blistering temperatures made me grateful of the opportunity to rest and recover.

Sunday – More rest and recovery. Nearly a whole weekend off running. Then come 9pm it had finally cooled down and my legs were itching to go. A nice 10k hard effort around Caldecotte dodging flies and managing a 7:22 pace was a great end to Father’s Day.  

Total weekly mileage – 21.4 miles. A lot lower than usual weeks, probably too high for a recovery week but feel good and keen to get back on it.  

Two more marathons then it’s my 100th in September! After that plan is to lose some timber and get faster. Ideally would like to sub 3:05 to apply as Good For Age for London 2019 (when I’m 40 and still in the main age group) or from January I can try and get me a sub 3:15 to qualify me for London 2020 (when I’m 41 and in the next age group).  

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