SDW100 Training – Final week! Arghh!

So this is it.  The silly idea started by pacing clubmate Chris at the Autumn 100 (“oh these ultras look fun and I like a kids buffet table, maybe I’ll have a go“) encouraged by Jen (“I’m doing the South Downs Way 50 next year, wanna come?“) and finally dealt the killer blow by Jen again (“South Downs Way 100 is opening today, not much further than the 50, just saying….“) has finally arrived.  Tomorrow I will attempt to run 100 miles.  It’s a bloody hard way of getting marathon number 97 ticked off the list and if I don’t finish won’t even count….


Training this week has been very relaxed.  I normally hate tapering but after some serious (for me) mileage it’s been great to relax and rest.

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – 6:40 session with Redway Runners.  5 mile option and I struggled.  Three days since the crazy Spanish mountain race and I’d failed to get a recovery run in and paid for it.  Average 7:05 pace.

Also Tuesday – Hill repeats with MK Lakeside – kept it nice and conversational, 6 miles at 8:40 pace.

Wednesday – Bow Brickhills – no silly extra miles at the start or end, no racing it, just a gentle plod, 9 miles at 8:06 pace.

Thursday & Friday – Rest days!

Saturday – 100 miles.  I hope….

Tracking – Race starts 6am Saturday  

For anyone who wants to track me, the official website is here, I’m bib number 167.

I also have a race drone thingy that tracks from my mobile and link here.  I should show as Mark Atkinson or Atko on the day.

Happy Thoughts 

They say ultras are run with the head not the body (good job I have a MASSIVE head then).  So in effort to focus on positive aspects here’s why I’m going to finish.

  1. Ran four marathons back to back over four days in training.
  2. Ran SDW50 (the later half of the SDW100) in April so I know the route and terrain.
  3. Have run 200+ miles a month for last 17 months, culminating in 300+ for May.
  4. Have tested all my kit at the SDW50 and several training runs.
  5. Broke my new shoes in running in Spanish hills.
  6. My lovely Wife is crewing me and after 20 years together she knows me better than I know myself.
  7. Paced clubmate Chris through the night section of the GUCR145 race two weeks ago so have experience of running from dusk to dawn.
  8. I’m a fattie.  I have enough energy reserves to keep me going for months.
  9. I’m as stubborn as my Dad.  I’ve never DNF’d yet.
  10. I’ve actually tapered semi-properly.
  11. I’ve given up caffeine for two weeks.  Coke will now propel me better than the powdered illegal coke.


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