MK Marathon – Week 17 Training – Tomorrow we run!

Week 17 of 17 – That’s it!

Based on the typical 1/3 reduction in mileage for the final week I should have been aiming for around 16-17 miles this week. 

 Monday – Rest day – Zero miles.  Doing good.

 Tuesday – 6:40 session so 4 miles at (by luck) exactly 6:40min/mile average.  Fastest yet and definitely seeing a benefit from the weekly lung buster.  Try not to dwell on the fact other clubmates run this pace for a whole marathon and the elites are over 2 minute a mile quicker FOR THE WHOLE EVENT!

Then a pop over the road for a 10x1min interval session with 1 minute recovery.  Purpose is to run flat out for all intervals to get ready for the marathon.  High intensity but low duration.  Total 5.4 miles at 8:

 Wednesday – 5am Bow Brickhill session.  Contrary to previous weeks where double speed work didn’t seem to affect the legs too much, this week they felt trashed on the hills.  Coupled with a decision to hold back a little as tapering and I managed 9 miles at 8:07 average pace nearly 30 seconds slower pace than the previous week.  

Total so far this week – 18.4 miles so probably done too much by this stage already. 

Thursday – Gentle 45 minute run with club.  5.8miles at 8:16 pace.  Sometimes with all the concentration on pace and distance goals it’s nice to have a relaxed run and ignore both of these.

 Friday – Rest day

 Saturday – Rest day – Not sure I’ve had three rest days in one week all year.  It’s unsettling but awesome.  I probably should have done something useful like mow the lawn.

 Sunday – Rocket 5k in 19:43.  A great race put on by the MK Marathon team.  Sadly despite pushing hard on speed training I managed to be 2secs slower than last year.  I think I gave it everything up to 3.5k then sort of ran out of motivation.  If you run this and one of the main events on the Monday you get an extra medal in recognition bringing your total to 3 for two days.  I’m a medal junkie so it had to be done.  Let’s see what the big day brings for marathon.

 Weekly total mileage – 27.4 miles, nice and rested!

 Monthly total mileage – Due to knocking out the 50miler at the start of the month, managed second highest month at 233 (best is 250).  Now brings the 200mile+ per month streak to 16 months.  May will be off to a good start with 26.2 done on day 1 and June should be even easier with a 100 mile race at the South Downs Way event (SDW100).  I then have one marathon a month in July and August with my 100th marathon in September.  After September…. nothing booked!  Feels odd as typically have 12 months of events booked in advance.

Tomorrow – Marathon day.  Best of luck to everyone running!!

Found another MK Marathon Legend in the start pen!


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