MK Marathon – Week 16 Training – Final Countdown!


Week 16 of 17 – It’s getting close now!

Have seemingly shrugged off the 50 miler and managed some decent distance and pace last week, goal for this week was to push the pace and loosen up for the MK marathon.  That will allow the final week for some tapering ready to get an awesome time/go off too hard and blow up on 1st May.

Easter Monday – 3.85 miles at 8:23 pace and 3.75 miles at 8:18 pace – Day off work so did a run to parents and back to collect dog.  Was faster on way back with doggie as company.  Initial plan was to do the out section as a progressive run (every mile faster than the last) but too much Easter chocolate meant it was more of a waddle than a speedwork run.


Tuesday – 6:40 session with Redway Runner – 4 miles at 6:41 average.  Quickest yet and managed to hold 6:37 exactly for the final three miles.  Normally I tail off on these but seem to have built some endurance for faster paced efforts and basically learnt to put up with the pain/discomfort.  Felt pants on the way to the run and had an awful taste in mouth no amount of rinsing or spitting could remove so had low expectations of performance, especially given I left home at stupid o’clock to drive to Devon and back with work.  Funny how sometimes you pull out your best runs when feeling a bit off.

Also Tuesday – 10x1min with 1min recovery with Lakeside Runners, 5.4miles at 8:10 pace – Popped over road for second speed session.  This one is tailored for the runners doing the London Marathon as a last bit of speed work to get legs turning over.  Sadly not me (I’m too slow for my age or too young for my slowness).  Legs still had pace in them despite previous effort.  Was worried that the distance training for the 50 mile event may have killed any speed off but seems to have helped instead.

Wednesday – 9 mile run up Bow Brickhill at 7:44 average – One of my faster attempts this year despite double speed work night before.  Definitely felt the pace get harder on last few miles after such a short rest between runs. 

Thursday – 10 miles at 7:45 average – Was late for club session but managed to catch them on route.  Many dropped out early as tapering for London (jealous much?!) so I joined the hardcore rounding up to 10 for their final 4-5 miles at a speedy but conversational pace.  This left me the 5 miles on my own at the end so another attempt at a progressive section.  Managed to start at 7:31 and finish 7:11 pace and all but one mile was quicker.  Definitely recommend this session.  Hard work but focuses the mind and prevents the run turning into an amble.

Friday – 3.2 miles with Bella, 8:39 average – a gentle loop with dog after work.  She spent most of it paddling and chasing stuff.

Duck dog getting some lengths in

Saturday – Final longish run before MK Marathon.  Met up with some mates at 8am for a steady out and back (5.8miles at 8:11 average) to hit MK parkrun at 9am for some final speed work at the end (6:42 average and sneaked under 21 minutes).  Probably this should have been at marathon pace but got a bit carried away . 

Sunday – Sat on sofa and watched everyone run London Marathon on TV.  Then ran the dog up to parents, 4.15 miles at 8:07 average.

Worked out I turn 41 in March 2020 so could apply for VLM 2020 based on a sub 3:15 marathon from January 2018 onwards (unless they change the entry times).  Once I get my 100th marathon and 100 miler out the way this year I might concentrate on training properly for less marathons to try to get my time.  I may even eat properly, trim down, taper and not go off like a loon for the first 5 miles and regret it.  I may also learn a new language and master origami.  Many of these are unlikely.

 Weekly Total – 52.2 miles.  Now to taper for MK Marathon in a week!!

A taper will leave you fresh for the marathon.  This is a taiper.  It’s cute but of little use at mile 18.

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