MK Marathon – Week 15 Training – Recovery from a 50 mile long run

Week 15 of 17

Once again sticking to my “Do as I say not as I do” approach my final long run before MK wasn’t 20 miles with sections at marathon pace like most would have done, but 50 miles on the South Downs Way 50.  Due to the hilly nature of the course this had sections ranging from “My god this downhill is fast I’m pretty sure I’m about to trip and eat dirt” to “I’ve been climbing this hill for what seems like hours and don’t appear to have moved forward discernibly”.  Despite a warm day I stuck broadly to plan (using peaked cap to fend off the sun and not quite enough sun cream it seems) and came in under the target 9hrs.  This clocked off marathon (or longer) 95 and left me three weeks to do final prep for the MK Marathon.  Endurance should be well and truly covered with that run and 8 other marathons so far in 2017. 

Plan was to recover for week 1, with some harder efforts towards the back end to gauge where I am.  Week 2 will be focussed on some speedwork to remind my legs what marathon pace will feel like on the day.  Finally week 3 will be my usual haphazard approach between tapering and getting irritable and ratty, and doing too much and regretting it come race day. 


 Monday – Recovery run with Bella – 3 miles at 9:30 pace

With the race on Saturday it meant I had Sunday as a rest day with some walking and chasing kids on bikes as active recovery.  So come Monday I could do a little lap to turn legs over.  I felt fairly good but mindful of my one rule to make recovery runs short and slow I stopped at 3 miles and never pushed the pace.  Bella kept stopping or having to do run backs for me.  For a dog she has a very expressive way of showing her disappointment at slow running speed.

Tuesday – 3x10min with 3 min recovery – 6.85 miles at 7:30 average

Wasn’t sure how well speed work would go so close to the 50 but rest and recovery seemed to have worked and the relatively low turnout at the club helped as we all stuck together to push along in a little group.  Ran on effort not pace and expected to get a slow few miles was surprised to record some decent overall pace. 

Wednesday – 9 miles Bow Brickhill 7:44 average

Legs achy but no worse than expected and chipped along as well as able.  Faded a little towards the end but still kept a decent pace overall.  Surprise Strava segment PRs including the big hill.  I guess after the fun of the South Downs that Church Road seems like nothing.

Thursday – 12.6 miles at 7:42 average

Ran to and from club session to get some steady miles in.  5x3min intervals with 2min recovery.  

Good Friday – 6.4 miles at 8:51 average

Run with Bella to Caldecotte to cheer on runners in the Enigma Easter marathon.  Dog insisted on stopping in pub on way back for a pint.


Saturday – Lots!

13 mile long-ish run at 8:28, then MK parkrun as marathon pace effort at the end.  Went a bit quick and averaged 7:14 (I wish that was my marathon pace).  Then a 2 mile cooldown with doggie at 9:44 pace. Total mileage 18.11 for the day.

Sunday – Rest and eat chocolate

Overall weekly mileage – 56 miles.



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