Amazing Customer Service – On Cloud Trainers

Have to commend a running shoe company with some amazing customer service.

I purchased some On Cloud shoes in July last year.  I’d been looking at them since the London Marathon Expo way back in 2012 but never quite got around to buying them.  They seemed a bit gimmicky but years later are going strong and they’re launching new models regularly.  A few others in the running club got some last year and raved about them, so I took the plunge.

First impression was amazing.  Super light, only circa 200g.  Their first marathon outing was also the first time I won a marathon outright –


Their unique selling point is the small, hollow ‘clouds’ on the base that add cushioning but avoid weight.

I was really sold on them but they started to suffer from stitching fail with the outer sections coming away from the main sock/liner.  This was more aesthetic than a functional issue.


Mostly I ignored this and continued to use them but then later found the ‘clouds’ at the rear started to collapse and cause lack of stability.  I’m a chunky monkey and especially when tired have a tendency to heel strike so they’d probably been tested to destruction.  I put them away in the cupboard and ignored them, promptly forgetting I even had them.  I’m not a fastidious as some on keeping track of mileage but perception is they’d lasted maybe 250-300 miles when I normally get at 500+ from other brands.


Recently I made a comment about the quality issues in response to a query from a runner on social media.  “On” tracked me down, asked for some photos and description of the issues and promised a new pair would be sent out.  I hadn’t contacted them, they’d been pro-actively checking out mentions on twitter and the like, keen to keep customers happy.

True to their word, about a week after making contact, today I came home to find these waiting for me.  Have to commend On for customer service second to none they even apologised that the original colour was out of production so offered me a choice of the new colours (I plucked for the black).  The only problem is they seem too clean and shiny to take out.



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