MK Marathon – Week 11 Training – Marathon 93

Week 11 of 17
This week was about snagging another marathon on the way to 100 and getting some decent pace work in.  

Monday – Rest 

Tuesday – 6 mile loop with Bella at 7:57 average – felt very relaxed for a relatively quick pace.  A brief pause at by the marina section at Caldecotte to scare the dog away from a dead rat on the path and after deliberation a swift kick into the lake to avoid kids or other dogs investigating it.  Fortunately it was fresh enough it didn’t explode in a ball of putrid flesh.

6:40 session. 6:56 pace for 4 miles Fifth attempt at this club session, got slower!  Maybe second run of the day not the best time for speedwork.

Wednesday – 9mile Tempo at 8:01 average Felt good for the start then the speed work make it’s presence felt and slowed for the last few miles.

Thursday – Relaxed 8 miles  – Started with 4x5min with 3 min recovery, getting quicker on each interval.  Subsequent plan to extend it to 10 mile loop fell apart when bulk of club decided they’d rather trot back and chat and just do 8 miles.  Was nice to have a social chat.

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Rest day had a lovely 2hr nap on the sofa.

Sunday – Enigma Week at the Knees Marathon – Day 7 – Anyone local to MK may have seen runners lapping the lakes this week.  Starting at Willen, then Furzton, finishing at Caldecotte.  Heroes did all 7.  I’m a one day wonder and turned up for day 7 only.  

Unlike previous event when I turned up late I made the mistake of not reading the start time and turned up a whole 35 minutes early.  That’s a loss of beauty sleep I need.

Started out at the front and spent 26 miles expecting to get passed.  It never happened and I finished in first for my third marathon win.

Time of 3:27:27 could have been quicker but wind, and laziness didn’t help.

This was marathon 94 and unlike the last week event I went out at a steady pace and largely held it rather than go out like a bat out of hell and suffer.

Weekly total mileage – 54.7 miles

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