MK Marathon – Week 9 Training – Slippery when wet

Week 9 of 17
Goal for the week was get some decent miles in but not so much I jeopardise Marathon No.93 next week.

Monday – 5m loop of Caldecotte Lake at 9:00 average pace – Legs felt wrecked after unaccustomed weekend of hard labour.    This attempt was just to get them working.

Tuesday – 20x1min with 1 min recovery in awful rain (7:51 average for 8.5 miles)– It was horrible and I so nearly quit and went home early but stuck it out and managed to hit 200 miles for February, 14th consecutive 200+ month.  Only three hardy/foolish club members braved the weather to get the work in.


Wednesday – 9mile Tempo at 7:57 average – Slower than last week but previous night session was still in legs.

Thursday – 11 miles with 50min tempo session in the middle (7:46 average) – Good session and felt stronger at the end than beginning as I warmed up.

Friday – Rest Day 

Saturday – Parkrun with Bella -3.1 miles at 7:01 pace – A whole 10secs a mile quicker than last week even with a toilet and paddle stop.  First dog home again!

Sunday – 10k with Bella at gentle 8:21 pace – Feeling jealous of everyone running the MK Festival of Running but not of the weather (having spent the morning at MK Junior parkrun I’d had my fill of getting wet) so waited  for the rain to ease up and got a gentle run in with the insatiable dog.

Weekly total mileage – 42.75 miles. About what I’d like from a normal week before tapering for the Marathon on Thursday.  Hoping the weather is less biblical by then.


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