MK Marathon – Week 4 Training


Week 4 of 17

Not the best week as schedule interrupted by life.  Combinations of work, sick children and other commitments meant way more rest days that usual.  Which I then failed to capitalise on by running an average Sunday run and feeling little benefit from a long rest. Pah.

For anyone following a training plan for MK Marathon and stressing about missed sessions the main advice is relax.  Most coaches say you can miss the equivalent of two weeks of training from an overall programme with no real affect, especially the early runs.   The key runs that will get you around the 26.2 miles on the day are the long runs so try and prioritise those above all others.

Importantly if you do miss a session don’t be tempted to add it into next week and double up as you’re just risking injury by doing too much.  A 6 week injury will affect your training far more than the odd missed interval sessions.  An often used analogy is with newspapers –  If you missed the paper today you wouldn’t buy two copies tomorrow to make up for it.  So don’t do it with training.

Monday – Rest day as failed to fit a run in

Tuesday – Pyramids interval.  After warm up go into fast interval of 1 min, then 2, 3, 4, 5 and back down 4, 3, 2, 1, all with 2 min recovery between.  Managed to have the respective pairs fairly consistent.  Covered 8.4 miles at average 8:17 pace.  These are really good sessions to improve you pace and push yourself.

Wednesday – 9mile Tempo at 8:13 average.  Definitely felt the recent ultra in legs and thick fog on dark route made pushing the pace difficult even if legs had been working.  Need a better head torch.  And better legs.  Maybe a head that doesn’t wobble so much when I run as well.

Thursday & Friday – Rest days as failed to fit a run in.  Didn’t even get home in time for spin class.

Saturday – 10k with dog in 7:57 pace.  Managed to squeeze something in as three days of no running makes me a pain to everyone around.

Sunday – Long(ish) run.  16 miles at 8:24 pace.  A good workout as included some slippery ice patches and trail sections through Rushmere woods but would have liked to be closer to 8:00 pace.  Possibly 5 hours sleep and pints of home brew at a friends house was not the best prep.

Weekly total mileage – 40 miles.  Also managed to hit 202 miles for the month (with two days left), bringing the streak to 13 months.  Part of me wanted to end the streak as the longer it keeps going the harder it will mentally be to break.  I’ve not looked at overall monthly mileage at all until writing this and wasn’t expecting to hit it.  It’s been a great release not to chase miles.  Previous 12 months I’ve been aiming for 200 and on any given day knew how many more miles I needed to bank to hit the arbitrary target.

Next week the training will be a bit all over the shop as I have my third go at the Enigma Running Quadzilla.  Four marathons in four days.  You get 4 medals and hoodie for doing all four.  So should be looking like a 100+ mile training week coming up.    Assuming completion will get me marathons 89, 90, 91 and 92.  The countdown to marathon 100 will be in single digits. 

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