2016 review – everyone else has done it!

I haven’t kept this quite as updated as I planned over the year, but worth reviewing targets I set in at the start of the year that seemed daunting as hell.

Based on a 3:20 marathon target my goals were –

  • 3:20 marathon at a pace of 7:32min/mile (assuming 26.5m distance)
  • 1:31 half marathon at 6:58 pace
  • 41:24 10k at 6:40 pace
  • sub 20m 5k at 6:21 pace

At the end of the year I’ve managed –

  • 3:15:33 marathon at the Enigma Weak at the Knees marathon  TICK!
  • 1:33:44 half marathon.  Slower than planned but held a little back as I was running marathon straight after (not the wisest move), CROSS!
  • 41:43 10k so a few second off but a fairly hilly course at the Flitwick 10k Nearly a TICK!
  • 19:41 5k at the MK Rocket 5k race as part of the MK Marathon Weekend  TICK!

My other goal was to try and run 200 miles per month.  It was touch and go at some times and more than a couple of months I’ve gone out and run less than a mile to hit my target on the final day of the month.

Jan 201.57
Feb 214.7
Mar 202.37
Apr 200.33
May 214.97
Jun 200.05
Jul 206.08
Aug 250.58
Sep 200.03
Oct 212.93
Nov 203.96
Dec 200.06
Total Distance 2507.63

Pleased to hold the 200 target but also pleased to have finished it.  It’s a strong motivator to get out the door and get the miles in but some runs definitely suffered as a result.  Having said that I managed a parkrun PB (and surprise 3rd place) two days after a 20 miler and at the end of a 60 mile week so mileage doesn’t always take the tally you expect.  2016 has been a fair jump in mileage from previous and equates to around 48 miles per week.  Previous years have been gradually increasing showing a steady progression and (fortunately) staying largely injury free.  Seems odd that my initial weekly mileage in 2011 would be a standard single training run now, maybe even done at tempo if feeling brave.

Total Weekly
2011 628.38 12.08
2012 1524.8 29.32
2013 1561.91 30.03
2014 1731.99 33.30
2015 2021.18 38.86
2016 2507.63 48.22

Highlights of 2016 are undoubtedly the 3:15 marathon.  It was a fluke and I’ve not come closer than 3:24 since but it felt relatively easy to hold a pace I struggle to maintain for a half on an average day.  Completing my first 50 mile at the Chiltern Wonderland 50  was also a source of pride and after 80+ attempts I managed two outright wins at the marathon distance, albeit on small fields and with most of the usual suspects running elsewhere.

Goals for 2017 are to hit my 100th marathon in September, attempt my first 100 mile race at the South Downs Way 100 and to keep up my ‘Legend’ streak and run my 6th MK Marathon, especially as I’m lucky enough to be selected as an ambassador (sadly this does not come with Ferrero Rocher).

Best of luck to everyone running in 2017 and if you see we sweating and strutting awkwardly with my head lolling forward then give us a slap.

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