Where did that come from?

Today was my last long run before Paris in 2 weeks and a marathon (since I hate long runs).  Plan was to see how close I could get to a 3:20 which is my target for Paris.  This would be a 4 minutes PB but given how well training has gone I felt it was possible.

Had my usual pre-race McDonalds breakie on the start line and set off.  Pace was a bit fast for first few miles as I stayed in sight of the race leaders.  I then backed off to 7:30 pace and settled in.  Legs felt fresh and it was going really well.  With 10 miles to go I realised I just needed to keep sub8:00 for a PB and around 3:22, a healthy PB.

Kept trundling along and was finding 7:30 still pretty comfortable.  Kept waiting for the inevitable fade but never happened.  Watch was beeping every half mile and showing I was still keeping pace up.  Recalculating regularly I was finding expected time kept tumbling until it looked like sub 3:20 could be on the cards.  Had a slight wobble with two miles to go when a stitch made sub 8 painful but managed to push through and in disbelief crossed the line in 3:15:33 a 9 min PB and if I was a few years older knocking on the door of a GFA for London!

An excellent day at the lake and found I was second place as I crossed the line! 


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