Marathon Recovery Week

After last weekends slightly disappointing 3:40 I’ve been trying to get back to training.

Monday – 3 miles recovery run.  Prior to having a dog I’d do these at about 9-10 pace.  Now they’re a bit more broken as I get dragged along and forced to stop at interesting trees.

Tuesday – 25 mins of hill reps.  Not the best recovery session.  Goal was to keep as close to Richard as possible.  He nearly lapped me.

Wednesday 5am 9mile loop – goal is sub 8, on a good day nearer 7:30.  This week – 8:30 average.

Thursday – 8x5min with 3min recovery.  Goal was to keep up with Richard again.  Finally legs are coming back.  And averaged under 7 for the intervals except a couple uphill, he lost me on the last one.

Friday – rest

Saturday – 9 mile flat loop aiming for sub 8 average, managed 7.55 and was aiming to stop at 43 miles for the week.   

 Sunday – felt a bit too full of energy so did a gentle loop of Caldecotte with a little extra to hit 7 and finish week on 50 miles.

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