2016 Marathon No 1 (69th)

After a Christmas of excess and drinking, what better way to blow the cob webs away than with a warm up marathon for the year.

On Sunday 3rd Jan I made first of many visits to Caldecotte Lake in Milton Keynes for an Enigma Running event, the Winter Enigma Day 2.

With no real goal in mind (other than to finish before the weather deteriorated any more) I set off way too fast to help show a new runner on his first lap.  Once around lap 1 he promptly continued at sub 7min pace and I backed off to a more sensible pace.  It looked hopeful for a sub 3:30 until mile 18 when the earlier pace took it’s toll.

With two laps to go I lost second place and with barely a few hundred yards left I lost third place but happy to finish 3:32 and pick up my Enigma Running 1000 mile tee for completing way too many of their events.1000mile Enigma

2016 Marathon Training – The Start

Goal for 2016 is to improve on a 3:24 marathon and aim for sub 3:20.

During a marathon workshop evening with the club we worked through the various sums and my targets for the year are:

  • 3:20 marathon at a pace of 7:32min/mile (assuming 26.5m distance)
  • 1:31 half marathon at 6:58 pace
  • 41:24 10k at 6:40 pace
  • sub 20m 5k at 6:21 pace

Best get training then….